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karate trainer of jeet sports academy, Ujjain
Black Belt Mukund Jhala
Jeet sports academy is not mere a name but a perfect place to learn best defensive techniques like karate, martial arts, health healing techniques. Not only this but here also training related to different sports are given and is personally given by Mr. Mukund Jhala whose achievements are incredible in this age. 
He has good experience of more than 15+ years and is a good trainer, his students are not only making name at national level but also won awards at international level. A kind hearted person with a fit body and mind. 
He is a Jump rope champion, Karate champion, boxer, wushu champion, Black Belt and many More.

Let's see his achievement which will tell about his knowledge and experiences:
His Self Experience 2004-2015:
Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya ( Hatta) Damoh M.P. 03.05.2006
Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Pandhana, Khandwa M.P. 12.09.2006
Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya,  Pamarkheda, Hoshangabad   M.P. 24.1.2006
Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Raigrh, Chhattisgarh. 27.1.2006
Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya , Mana Camp,  Chhattisgarh. 09.03.2006
Jump –Rope :
9th sub-junior National jump rope championship 14-18 Feb.2013
2nd west zone jump rope 25th  to 27th 2014(M.H.) 
9th junior National (H.R) 26th to 30th July 2012
International jump rope judges  seminar  2013- 23 to 27 
10th senior national jump rope championship 2013-14  29th Feb. -2014
9th Senior national 9 to 13 Jun -2013 Tamil Nadu 
10th Junior National Jump rope 2013-14 Karnataka 8-12 Nov.
Wushu :
10 Junior State wushu  championship 1st to 03 Jan. 2009
M.P. State wushu coaches session 2009
7th Junior Senior State wushu championship 29 to 30th Apr. 2006 
5th wushu west zone championship 24-27 July -2009
Sqay Martial Art –
55th National S.G.F.I. 24 to 29 2009 (Sqay Martial Art)
54th National S.G.F.I. 28 to 1 Feb-2009 (Boxing) 
11th senior national championship 2011 30to 01 Feb.

Kick  - Boxing:
1st National kick boxing Coaches seminar
Kick boxing National Coach Seminar 
7 to 10th April Angul Odisha (National ) 
Karate :
4th S.C.K.F.I. National Karate championship 4th -5th Oct.-2014
11th All India Fanakoshi cup 12 Feb -2006
2nd State Inter school Karate championship 7-8 Jan 2006
1st Inter state Karate championship 1-2 Nov.2004
World shotokan Karate Do- Federation -21to 25.05.2007
2nd Central India 2005 
N.K.F.I. Pune (M.H.) 24th -26th Dec. 
Sports Karate (Delhi) 2007 : 28-30
17th National 17 Sept. 2006
Sports Karate 2004  22 -25 July Ambala 
3rd Central India Karate 13-14 May 2006 (Indore) 
8th National Karate National Karate Championship 20 – 25th June (Ambala) 
7th state Karate championship 26-27th 2002 Bhopal 
54th National S.G.F.I. 15th to 20th Dec. -2011
16th junior Cadet kick boxing championship 10 to 13th Nov. 2011
6th N.S.K.A Karate championship 2013 (Nepal) 
2nd Nations Karate Championship 2002 (Midnapur) W.B. 
Black belt :
Certificate of Official DAN GRAOE – 15-Dec.-2011(A.I.K.F.) 
World F.S.K.O (first) SHODAN
A Grade Refree in (N.K.F.I.) Pune 
2 Time Jump rope camp in Ujjain 2012-13 to 2014-15
1st time Tong –Il –Moodo National 2014 Ujjain 
1st State Jump rope championship 2014
1st Rural game 2015( in included 5 game) 
1st National Yoga Championship 2015 Jan.
3rd time State Karate Championship 2010-11 and 2013 Ujjain 
1st time Net football championship Ujjain 2014
The given number of AIS during 2004-2015 have participated in different events at various levels and have won Excellency. 
Our Student 2004-2015
State – 500
National – 450
International – 125
World Championship – 5
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