What Is Jump Rope?

What is Jump Rope?
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Jump rope Introduction
Skipping rope is also called Jump rope and is becoming famous in this digital age. It is the basic foundation of every game. Here the jumper jump over a spinning rope so that it passes under their feet and over their heads. Jump rope is not the nascent to india. It is been popularized among Indians. As per research there are approx 950 different tricks of skipping rope. 
Jump ropes are made of cloth, licorice, plastic, beaded string or plastic-coated wire/cables. Cloth and beaded ropes hold their shape better, while plastic and coated cable ropes are designed for speed.

Advantages Of Jump Rope/Skipping Rope:
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  1.  It is a good game to make our body fit and fine. 
  2. When children practice it in group then it develops a sense of teamwork and social skills in practitioner. 
  3. It makes the person more vigilant and alert. 
  4. It increases the attention skills. 
  5. Jump rope enhances flexibility and athletic abilities. 
  6. It improves reflexes, balance and posture. 
  7. It is also good for brain development.
  8. Jump rope improves the figure by tightening flabby muscles and loose flesh on the arms, thighs, buttocks and calves. 
  9. It is good for boxers as they needs to be fast on feet. Skipping will greatly increase speed and lightness on feet. It strengthens the stamina of the individual.
  10. There is no age related factor associated with this sport. 
What Research Says About Jump Rope?
The jump rope is found to be most effective in cardiovascular diseases. Jump rope has been enforced by American Heart Association, which advocates it as a way to raise children's physical fitness levels thus reduces their lifetime risk of heart disease, cardiovascular ailments and stroke. 
Jump rope can also improve brain function because of its influence on vestibular system in the inner ear, which is responsible for sense of balance and is linked to specific neuroanatomical systems that govern physical movement. Jump rope requires you to synchronize and harmonize large no. of upper and lower body muscle groups, it generates significant brain activity in cortical center that may result in increased kinaesthetic awareness and mental alertness. 
It is also a very good exercise for weight loss. 

Bio-mechanics Of Jump Rope:
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It consist of 3 phases in each jump i.e. LOAD PHASE, FLIGHT PHASE AND LANDING PHASE. The load phase requires you to balance jumper whole body on the ball of feet with knees slightly flexed. 
The flight phase consists of muscular contractions that propel your body high enough to clear the rope with each jump. 
In the landing phase, jumper returns to the surface by allowing body weight to balance on the ball of the jumper's feet with knees flexed to help soak up the impact of the landing.
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Following Muscles Work during Jump rope:
Pectoralis Major
Wrist Extensor
Serratus Anterior
rctus Abdominis
External Oblique
Gluteus Maximus
Major Events In Single Jump Rope:
  • Single Rope Speed 30 Second a.k.a. Jogging Step(S)
  • Single Rope Endurance 3 minute(E)
  • Single rope Double Under 30 Second(DU)
  • Single rope Triple Under No Limit(TU)
  • Single Rope Free style Event (F)
Major Team Events In Jump Rope:
  1. Single Rope Speed Relay(4x30 Seconds)(SR)
  2. Single Rope Double Under Relay(4X30 Seconds)(DUR)
  3. Double Dutch Speed Relay(3x40 Seconds)(DDSR)
  4. Double Dutch Pairs Relay(2x1 minute)(DDPR)
  5. Double Dutch Sile Freestyle Event(3x60-75 seconds)(DDSF)
  6. Double Dutch Pairs Freestyle Event(4x60-75 seconds)(DDPF)
  7. Double Dutch Triad Freestyle Event(5x60 - 75 seconds)(DDTF)
  8. Single Rope Pairs Wheel Freestyle Event(2x60 75 seconds)(SRPWF)
  9. Single Rope Pairs Freestyle Event (2x60 -75 seconds)(SRTF)
  10. Single Rope Team Freestyle Event(4x60- 75 seconds)(DC)
Know Something About Double Dutch:
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Double Dutch can be divided into 5 sections:
  1. Turning
  2. Jumping
  3. Entering
  4. Exiting
  5. Skills
Major Events In Double Dutch :

1. Double Dutch Pairs Relay(2x1 minute or 60 Seconds)
2. Double Dutch Team Relay (3 x 40 Seconds)
So jump rope is a very good game for every one, to maintain health, to gain health, to enhance stamina, to loose weight, to maintain weight.
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