About Purva Jhala

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Purva jhala(Dan 2 Black Belt)

Purva Jhala (DAN 2 Black Belt) is a professional trainer at Jeet Sports Academy. She is continuously giving training to females in self defence.

Her incredible performance, passion for sports has made here a sports lady. She is giving training of jump rope and karate in academy to students daily. 

Students of Purva jhala are showing there performance in national and international competition. 

Many organisation invite her time to time to give training of self defence.

Achievements Of Purva Jhala:
award of purva jhala
sindhiya award fuction
  • 10 National award winner from 2005 to 2011.
  • 15 gold medals and 20 silver in different competition.
  • SilverMedalist in international competition at Kathmandu, Nepal.
  • She has also got sindhiya award for her performance at international level.