What is WUSHU

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What is WUSHU
WUSHU is a form of martial art of china. It is also known as KUNG-FU. There are many styles of Wushu developed by different countries. In this learner get training about using different types of weapons including body parts too.

The main benefit of Wushu is that in this learner know about how to use mind and body in a positive way to live successful life.

Now a days it is a part of sports in all over the world and Sport wushu is categorized into two main categories, namely Taolu (Routines Competition) and Sanda (Free-Fighting Competition) as per International Wushu Fedreation.

If you want to develop SPEED, POWER, FLEXIBILITY, WEAPONS USING TECHNIQUES then no doubt , WUSHU is best for you.

In Ujjain, you can learn WUSHU in Jeet sports Academy run by Sensai Mukund Jhala(7566800336),3rd DEN BLACK BELT(SCKFI & KAI)

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